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Lighting legality
Dunc - 30/9/02 at 11:10 AM

I've been looking for decent rear lights that are cheap, the best ones I saw are the SVC ones but they are quite expensive. Do lights have to go through a test to become E marked or do they just have to be made to a spec then E marked.

If so could I make my own rear lights, stick an E mark on them, use bulbs of the correct wattage etc etc. I've got trailer lights at the moment but they look a bit naff.

Simon - 30/9/02 at 11:26 AM


I think (could be wrong) that in order for lights to be "E" marked, they go though a "type approval" kinda thing.

I'm having similar probs. I want to use LED's - SVC do them. I've seen some nifty items on the back of buses (3" dia chrome/silver backing, clear unpatterned glass) that would be ideal - but apparently buses, being coachbuilt, don't require SVA, so lights probably don't qualify.



theconrodkid - 30/9/02 at 06:12 PM

Busses do need sva,some have the rear lights as fitted to mclarren f1,mine are oblong trailer type,e marked about 3 a pair,look smart