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escort mk5 light stalk
rash12 - 10/10/18 at 08:49 PM

anyone have a wiring diagram for escort mk5 stalks please

ste - 11/10/18 at 06:32 PM

Pin outs for mk5 stalks should be

R: Right Indicator
L: Left Indicator
30-9: Constant +12v for Hazard
54-3: +12v for Hi and Lo lights
49: Constant +12v for flasher
56a: Hi beam
31: Earth for Flasher
55: Lo Beam switched
58: Side lights
56b: Lo Beam
30-7: +12v for sidelights

rash12 - 12/10/18 at 06:04 AM

Thank you will try that

rash12 - 13/10/18 at 07:21 PM

thanks worked a treat