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Author: Subject: Auto Vs manual

posted on 11/11/16 at 10:31 AM Reply With Quote
Auto Vs manual


with a friend of mine, we are thinking at buying a Discovery with the idea of doing a 2 or 3 week raid in Africa or Asia.

So we started looking at cars. it will be a diesel.

the big question we have is about the gearbox.
We first thought that we should go for a manual.
But now , we see lots of offroad car with auto gearbox.

So is there any risk at choosing an auto gearbox on such a car.
is there something that could go wrong ? what are the weak points of those auto gearboxes ?

Please let me know.....


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posted on 11/11/16 at 10:40 AM Reply With Quote
These guys have always been helpful.

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posted on 11/11/16 at 10:50 AM Reply With Quote
No way would I consider a manual gearbox on this sort of car, these days (I drive a full-fat Range Rover as my daily).

The only advantage to having a manual box, nowadays, in reality, is that it gives you better control of gearchange points when you're attacking bends at high speed. You're not going to be doing that much in a Disco.

The torque converter (combined with the clever LR 4WD management software) is capable of modulating torque output much more progressively than abusing a manual clutch by slipping it, for off-road/traction purposes.

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posted on 11/11/16 at 12:55 PM Reply With Quote
Torque converter smooths out the torque making the wheels less like to break traction .
But make 100 pecent sure of the condition of the transmission fluid before buying.

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posted on 12/11/16 at 12:44 PM Reply With Quote
thanks for advices


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posted on 12/11/16 at 01:14 PM Reply With Quote
Depends on your primary usage. It's definitely good off-road not having to deal with a clutch. However selecting the right gear lock to hold control in a decent is clunky if it's not computer controlled and the whole "I'm gonna downshift and gun it mid corner in the wet" that it chooses to do spontaneously has caught me out badly. And spinning a truck on all terrain tyres isn't like doing the same in a fast car - once it's going, you're a passenger.

If it's computer controlled it should be better, but I've heard nothing but horror stories about failing electronics from folks on the ground using electronically controlled ones, who have reverted back several generations to get shut of the risk.

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