Poll: New engine build.
1. NA with VVT hoping for 190bhp 5 (83.33%) -----------------------------»
2. turbo hybrid up to 250 ish bhp 3 (50%) ------------------»
3. donít bother and sell the ST engine to by beer. 3 (50%) ------------------»
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Author: Subject: New engine build.

posted on 27/5/19 at 12:06 PM Reply With Quote
New engine build.

I have an ST170 engine in my garage and want to re build it over the summer to fit in my tiger in the winter. I have 3 options...

1: NA St170 using my current TBís, sump exhaust etc and running the VVT (new K6 ECU) cheapest solution, £700 for the ECU.

2: Turbo hybrid using a blacktop head with ST valve springs, st bottom end with RS gasket, modified st exhaust for turbo, turbo plenum with st TB, using existing K3 ECU. (not the cheapest option). Iíd need turbo & pipework, intercooler, oil lines, new clutch, boost controller etc. I recon £1000-£1500

3: Leave it as is and buy beer instead.

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posted on 27/5/19 at 07:07 PM Reply With Quote
I am doing B. It should have been on the road for Stonleigh. Should have

Itís all taking some squeezing into a 7.

Turbo is the cheap bit. It seems to fit best if you top mount it. Iíve tried it both ways and plumbing is so much better if you top mount it.

Scooby turbo is ideal for a modest Zetec. And the flange will take a Vf35 or td05 if you want to go nuts.
It needs clocking to suit and the only hard bit was getting the waste gate actuator under the bonnet.
Oil supply is easy. The block is already tapped. Go braided will do you a hose for around £30. It wants to be around 105cm long for a top mount turbo.
Coolant feed, either tap the block next to the thermostat housing or get an Rs billet stat sandwich plate. Return is to the bypass hose.
Oil drain is a straight drop down to my Raceline sump where Iíve tapped it for an An10 fitting.

Whatís doing my head in is the cooling. Iíve bought the coolex pack but itís not going in an Indy nose no matter what I do.

Ford no longer sell the Rs 1.8mm gasket. Burtons do a Cometec thatís around the same thickness. To be honest Iíve got a spare block and if I keep it I will get it forged next winter.

Where I have spent money, a lot of money is the little things.

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posted on 27/5/19 at 07:26 PM Reply With Quote
I am also doing B and in all honesty should of gone for C, I've got more room than Wasa, and it's still a mare, trying to get the water hoses piped in has been ridiculous, everything has had to go under the turbo including the top hose if it works it will be a miracle. I've plumbed the turbo cooler pipes into the top and bottom hoses see above about miracles, as for costs budget twice what you think.


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