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Author: Subject: wiring harness tip

posted on 2/12/01 at 01:36 PM Reply With Quote
wiring harness tip

Most of the members seem to be around about the same stage, ie welding the chassis, and are no even considering the wiring harness yet but I have a wee tip that may help when you come to the wiring stage. I know most of you guys might just keep the harness from the donor; door switchs, interior lights and the rest of useless stuff that a 7 doesn't need, but in most cases you might have to modify it to make it fit.

My tip is by twisting the whole wire bunch together for the various branches using a vice and a power drill it does away with the need for sleeving and plastic clips to keep them bunched together. It also looks damn neat when attached to the chassis with all wires the correct length, esp to the lighting.

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posted on 10/1/02 at 02:15 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks Dunc, great idea. I've done this several times with various electrical projects I've done over the years although I tend to use a hand drill as opposed to electric.
Just to add to it- to make the wire easier to handle I do a couple of things; First, tie the ends of the wires into a knot (one knot at each end of the bunch) with one end in the vice. Then, get a 4" nail and bend it through about 75 degress and then clamp the pointy (:-)) end in the drill. Then, just hook the second knot over the head of the nail and wind away to your hearts content with the drill- voila!
Once it's wound enough, give the (now twisted) wires a sharp tug and it'll hold the twist together that much better.

Hope this is of some use, I had to offer something as I'm sure I'll only be asking questions from here... :-)


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