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coilpack damaged?
bikecarbfred - 10/8/19 at 11:10 AM

Megajolt and edis 4 were running absolutely spot on until i decided to replace the starter motor.
i forgot to take off the negative battery lead off and when removing the old starter motor (some wire; it was a bit dark) touched the engine and the starter motor started spinning (wasnt engaged in flywheel) and sparked; there was some white smoke. it was about 1 second this happened. installed new starter motor.

since new install this im getting no spark from coilpack. im checking for spark when lights are all off.
i get 12V from pin 1 & 2 for the lead that goes to the coil pack. when turning on ignition it's still live although it does drop to 11.6V but it always has done and i'd always get spark.

So i know my wiring is okay. I just changed a starter motor. Nothing else was touched!!!

What other tests could I do please?

p.s the sparks plugs were new but were flooded with fuel when cranking so i have cleaned them.

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britishtrident - 10/8/19 at 11:33 AM

You can't damage the coil pack that way -- nothing electronic in it is just two wasted spark coils in the same package.
That fuel is present suggest the engine computer is working --- I would sugest there is a wire off somewhere --- perhaps the edis

big_wasa - 10/8/19 at 01:40 PM

Hook up the Mjl to see if it responds. If not,

Your going to need to check it and the Edis and maybe the regulator in your alternator as well.

snapper - 10/8/19 at 02:56 PM

Megajolt and EDIS have separate fuses 7amp

bikecarbfred - 10/8/19 at 03:50 PM

this is what i did but i could do with knowing what you guys think what got it working;

1) took vr connector off sensor and check continuity, all fine, plugged it back in

2) as above checked 12v going to coilpack when cranking

3) got a spanner and tapped it a few times light/medium on top of coil pack and bottom of coil pack.

big_wasa - 10/8/19 at 05:13 PM

Bad earth due to arcing when shorted out ?

bikecarbfred - 11/8/19 at 04:24 PM

so in reality i did nothing apart from disconnect vr sensor and plug it back and same with coil pack connector.