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Author: Subject: How much would one of these reduce insurance?

posted on 27/11/12 at 08:34 PM Reply With Quote
How much would one of these reduce insurance?

So I was wondering, in a car that is light enough to pick up and put in your pocket, how much would a thatcham immobiliser reduce the insurance?
COBRA 8510 Thatcham Cat 2 Car Immobiliser. New in Box

Being a 20 year old I'd need to do anything I could

I suppose the majority of kit car thefts, they would just lift it onto a trailer, not try and hotwire it

What do you think?



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posted on 27/11/12 at 09:14 PM Reply With Quote
Not a huge amount, but still worth fitting.
I would fit one anyway even if you dont get the insurance discount. Anything to make the car harder to steal.

Thatcham alarms and imobilisers need to have a signed certificate from a VSIB approved installer to be vaild.

So its difficult to fit it yourself and still get a certificate signed by a VSIB installer.

I spoke to my local installer, and they told me what to do, then when it was on the road, I took the car over, and they inspected and then signed the certificate. Cost me a tenner. But then they did race a MK Indy at the time.
Some installers wont be helpful, but some may do this. Hawk the problem around and see what they say.
Use the ploy its a kit car and you havent got it on the road.

Also its difficult to hide the unit on a kit car as there arent many hiding places. Just make it as difficult as possible to get at it, and put all the wires inside the loom covering. Anything to make it hard to spot where it is and where its connected in.

As said, ask around the installers before trying to fit it, or they wont sign the certificate if they are not happy (then they want you to pay them to sort it

Hope that helps

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posted on 27/11/12 at 11:01 PM Reply With Quote
I bought one of them from uplands and fitted it to the asbo, it was a condition of my insurance to have an immobiliser but I filled the declaration in with my details, my mech quals and elec/eng quals and it's been accepted for 2 years now.

So for me it made a huge difference, insurance with it 385, cheapest underwriter that would cover it with no security was circa 700

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posted on 27/11/12 at 11:08 PM Reply With Quote

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posted on 27/11/12 at 11:23 PM Reply With Quote
Just fill in the insurance certificate yourself. I am yet to be asked for a copy of it. I just say its got one fitted when they ask.

I did use to fit them for a living though so Im 100% confident that its well fitted.

Do a search on here. I did a guide on how to install one.

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