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Author: Subject: Any builders, wall removal advice needed.

posted on 7/9/19 at 01:41 PM Reply With Quote
Any builders, wall removal advice needed.

Just looking for a bit of advise regards to removing a dividing wall in the garage.

Garage is a single but a bit wider and a lot longer than a standard garage. 2/3 of the building is the garage then there is a wall that makes a workshop out of the remaining 1/3.

I want to remove the internal breeze block wall to make one large garage.

The wall doesn't support anything above but it does link into the outer walls.

The question is can i just knock it down or do i need to leave say maybe 6-10 inch of the wall intact to keep strength?

In the pic the red line is where the wall is and the dots are where one wall support is built in.

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posted on 7/9/19 at 04:13 PM Reply With Quote
I'm not a builder, but I'd immediately guess that with a pier 1/3 the way along the garage, it would need another 2/3 along, so leaving some would make sense. However, what is the pier made from? Bricks are heavier and stronger than blocks and it may be that a similar sized block pier is not enough. Also is the outer wall single skinned or cavity? Cavity is more likely to be self-supporting at that length, single skin won't be. All in all I can't help, but at least you've got a few more questions and extra data to pass on when someone who does know comes along.
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steve m

posted on 8/9/19 at 07:51 AM Reply With Quote
I am also not a builder, what does the inside look like looking up? is it an open void or panelled in
if its open, then you will see if the wall takes any strain from the roof,

if panelled in, I would leave 150mm of wall either side and put an Rsj across,
an Rsj is also a good place for a hoist
but the supporting pillars may need strengthening

but I would build the new wall first,


Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 8/9/19 at 08:18 PM Reply With Quote
Difficult to tell from your picture, but it looks as though the wall you want to remove is not built in to the outside wall? If so, and dependant on what happens at the other end of it, then it's probably only connected with wall ties, in which case you could probably just remove it. If it is built in I'd go with the second answer and leave some of it as support, and build in an RSJ (tied to both outer walls to keep them from bulging outwards) and chuck a hoist down from it
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posted on 8/9/19 at 09:01 PM Reply With Quote
I too am not a builder and I haven't read the other comments.
But the building regs have regs for small buildings
I think diagram 17 might be of use

If you need to find this document its on the governments planning portal, under approved documents.
Part A is structures, they're all there to download for free.

This is like the IVA for houses, if you follow these rules you won't build anything wrong. It also saves getting a structural engineer to look at things as we always over design everything anyway.

The new eurocodes are very different to the old British standarad and you can no longer use.... I'm rambling.

Have a look at the small building bit and see what you think you'd be safe doing

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