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Exocet off road
Ugg10 - 15/12/18 at 12:08 PM

Anyone seen this, looks interesting, an alternative to the Arial Nomad.

Is this available in the U.K. or is this just a stock Exocet with modified suspension and a full cage add on?

FWIW I think this looks better than the stock Exocet, suits the dimensions better IMO.

fishywick - 15/12/18 at 02:15 PM

Exomotive produce the Exocet in the US, Atlanta I think. presumably under some sort of licence from MEV in the UK.

Exomotive have developed the kit, including IMO nicer bodywork and this lifted version. I agree it looks great, although there is probably a bigger market for off road type vehicles over there.

I wonder if MEV will follow suit.

Ugg10 - 15/12/18 at 02:56 PM

Looking a bit deeper, the extra ground clearance is a $289 kit from Paco that just lifts the bottom shock position up.

MeV has flirted with off readers before - the Trek anD trucktop was Range Rover based and iirc there was an earlier atempt that had a rover v6 in it (red grp with stainless chassis?)

Still think the Missile was his best design but did not sell as well as the sonic 7 at the time.