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Author: Subject: Mx5 donors
jumping jack

posted on 16/10/16 at 11:19 AM Reply With Quote
My wife has a Eunos automatic and it has an open diff.
I built my special sevenesque using a long nose 1.6 of unknown age as it was a Jap import engine. It also has a viscous LSD and HSK turbo with Aquamist water injection.
It goes very well and is instant and feels like a large engine with loads of torque and no lag.
The MX5 is a perfect donor methinks.

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posted on 16/10/16 at 06:04 PM Reply With Quote
Beware, a lot of people will try and convince you all JDM cars had an LSD this is BS You'll be surprised how few actually have an LSD. UK spec only had them on a few limited editions, in Japan they were an expensive option so not that many people bought them. Up to '93 the original V spec had a 4.3:1 VLSD but they don't work the way you expect and a lot of people think they are duff. '94 and '95 some 1.8s had the torsen 1 but Mazda considered it made the car too lively and from '96 they fitted the Torsen2. Its not s straight swap to fit one as you'll need the matching driveshafts and propshaft as well as the diff which usually commands a decent price.

Never under estimate the ingenuity of an idiot!

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