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zx12 high-res wiring diagram
bazz81 - 1/4/18 at 07:34 PM

can someone mail me a high-res wiring diagram?
please sent me a pm and i reply with my mail adress.

my mk indy was running with no problems at al, and then the engine shut-off clocks were dead.
removed my dashboard and the connector was loose, now clocks are normal again but engine dont start, starter runs well.

rf900rush - 1/4/18 at 09:28 PM


I have a Diagram plus some PDF manuals

You are welcome to have some copies. The manuals may be to big to email, but one can try.

Which ZX12r engine. Mine was 2004/5.
Earlier engines were different.

I also have some info on reading the ECU error codes.

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bazz81 - 2/4/18 at 08:46 PM

Thanks a lot!

flanders - 3/4/18 at 07:01 AM

I have a hi res copy of the wiring, and workshop manual for the A1, U2U me you email and ill send it over