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4AGE Engine for Westfield Pre-lit
JonBowden - 27/1/18 at 12:00 PM


I have a westfield pre-lit that needs an engine.
Being a pre-lit, it has quite a low bonnet and most modern engines are too tall.
So, this seems to rule out all zeetecs.
The Rover k series is also too tall (and ford bellhousings seem hard to find)
The obvious choices are:
Toyota 4AGE
Ford Crossflow
Ford CVH

I'd rather avoid a big bonnet bulge.

Trouble is they are all getting hard to find.
I have a strong preference for a 4AGE, pref with standard fuel injection

Does anyone have a decent complete 16 valve 4AGE they would be interested in selling?
Or a scrap MR2 Mk1 with decent engine
I suspect that the 20 valve might be a bit over the top (it's feeding a rocket 4 speed and english axle)

I would be open to an 1600 xflow or CVH if in decent condition but I'd need to add webbers and rolling road time (more cost).

I live in Scotland (west of Glasgow) so, I'd prefer to find an engine locally but shipping might be an option.

If anyone can suggest alternative cost effective engines, I'd be listening (not a bike engine).


John G - 27/1/18 at 03:35 PM

I know it is the other end of the country but there is a guy on southern kit car club selling what you are after.
Regards, John

StevieB - 27/1/18 at 05:16 PM

Have you looked at the Sigma/Zetec SE?

Quite a compact and lightweight unit - they're run in Caterhams so should fit within a lower bonnet line. Shawspeed can supply all of the bits needed to convert for RWD - I spoke to them a few years ago for my Westy (didn't go ahead in the end and sold the car before I got round to it) and didn't sound like that many parts were needed to get a basic install complete.


1960dave - 27/1/18 at 07:25 PM

I have a 4age with a manifold for weber carbs only down side is I haven't got the bellhousing but can point you in the right direction for a new one. 4age is a tight it with a low line bonnet(guess how I know) but they do fit. I also have a exhaust manifold for the 4age and fits the west field.

kenton - 27/1/18 at 07:35 PM

On the SKCC forum

I don't want to sell this really but I need to make some space so...

This engine was running in my car until recently. It's an absolutely fabulous engine for a kit car, full of all that proper twin cam character. The reason for removing it from the car is that I (had) built another one to a much higher spec.

This one was rebuilt/refreshed in standard trim by the builder of my car and did maybe 2000 miles before being removed. It was rolling road tuned at B D Engineering in Kent and produced 135BHP & 115lb/ft.


- Toyota 16 valve 4A-GE bare engine (no carbs, manifolds)
- Originally from a 1987 MK1 MR2, mileage unknown but rebuilt since.
- Dizzy aperture blanked off for running a coilpack.
- Brand new OEM water pump
- No alternator or crank pulley.

- Engine + pair Weber 40s that were bought new from Webcon when this engine was built + TPS + matched inlet manifold.

- Engine + Weber 40s + TPS + inlet manifold + Omex 200 ECU & loom including a map for this engine.


- I have a mildly ported (on inlet ports) head in really good condition + valves, springs & buckets + pair of standard cams & pulleys.

Video of engine running:


Current: Fisher Fury Spyder - 16v Toyota 4AGE

JonBowden - 28/1/18 at 06:28 PM

Thanks for the replies.
I have registered for the skcc and will contact russtik.
I have also messaged 1960dave to get more information.

StevieB, I had a good look around a scrapyard a while ago and measured a Zeetec SE and also a rover k-series.
Unfortunately, both are too tall (and the sumps don't look too easy to modify being cast).

I have looked at the westfield-world engine comparison that someone on here says is accurate
my current engine is about 56cm tall, CVHs and crossflows are apparently about the same. It says that the 4age is about 57cm tall so I should be able to fit it, posibly with a sump mod and perhaps if I really have to, a small bonnet bulge.

I still have a preference to get a 4AGE with original EFI (webbers and manifold are expensive) and modify the inlet to fit (Ebay do some efi manifolds that look ok foe just over 100)

I see from ebay that 20v 4AGE engines in apparently good condition start at a bit over 1000 eg:4age on NipponAutoSpares so I had in mind that a 16v engine might be quite a bit less than that.

As is usual, before I was about to buy one, there were loads about for about 500 but now that I need one, . . .

Ok, I know, I am being a stingy git

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russtik - 28/1/18 at 07:49 PM

Hi Jon,

It's my post on SKCC. I'm looking to move on my spare engine for the simple reason that I need the space it's occupying. I didn't want to sell it as good ones are getting hard to come by as you've noted. I'm a total advocate of the 4A-GE, people overlook it for for the usual Ford options and more BHP but they're missing a trick.

Here's my post:

Drop me a PM.