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Strip type led tacho
Shooter63 - 17/12/19 at 09:54 PM

Evening all
I thought I would ask on here as you guys seem to know everything, I'm looking for a strip type tacho, one with multiple leds , 1 lights up at 1000rpm 2at 2000rpm etc. It needs to be pretty small as it's going in a mk1 mini that I want to keep standard looking as possible



rf900rush - 17/12/19 at 10:53 PM

Google "LM2917N tacho" might point to something.

I made a more complicated one a few years back using a Microprocessor.

Main bit is to get a clean signal from the ignition.

SteveWalker - 17/12/19 at 11:57 PM

LM2907N or LM2917N to convert frequency to voltage and LM3914 to convert voltage to a 10 segment LED bargraph?

Incidentally, IIRC, LM3914s can be cascaded to produce longer displays.

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adampage - 18/12/19 at 11:31 AM

adampage - 18/12/19 at 11:33 AM

I used to have just what you're describing, i think it was 8 or 10 LEDs, only about 8mm deep and in a flexible rubber case so you could apply it on a curve or in a groove, etc, and i thought it was made by SPA, so but i can't find one for sale online anywhere....

So the nearest i could find was this one

Good luck!


adampage - 18/12/19 at 11:41 AM

Only 20!

gremlin1234 - 20/12/19 at 09:17 PM

Julian Ilett tried building something very similar.
this is his third iteration...