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Drivers and their cars at Forrestburn
theprisioner - 31/8/18 at 09:44 AM

3 Videos on what it is like to be at a Monklands Car Club (MSCC - Forrestburn) on Hill Climb day and why they do it. get involved join a hill climb.

Part 1 of 3. Staring:- Colin McLachlan, Douglas Anderson, George Cooper, Kenny Baird and Angus Buchan

Part 2 of 3. Staring:- Donald McDonald, Jim Campbell, John Bunting, Tom Graham, Paul Rhodes, Frazer McRudie and Ross Napier

Part 3 of 3. Staring:- Scott Goodfellow, Jamie Gibbon, Gordon McRobbie, Mike Stewart, Ross Glen, Donald Coltart and Simon Scott

The Stars are also highlighted in the notes for the videos

Mash - 31/8/18 at 12:51 PM

Some cracking cars there

mark chandler - 31/8/18 at 06:41 PM

If you enjoy cars you should give hill climbs and sprints a go.

Not horrendously expensive, you are the only car on the track so if you fall off that is purely down to you.

Getting the correct suit, boots and helmet is really a one off cost and the licence is just apply for one, simple as that, if nothing else it's a nice social day out

black fingernail - 1/9/18 at 06:02 PM

Until it gets into your head, and you need all the trick parts, you live in the garage fitting them, you spend all your savings, your wife leaves you, you find yourself nearly losing your house.
All this happened to a good freind of mine, he got a bit too obsessed, carving the extra time off at all costs.