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Author: Subject: Harrys Lap Timer

posted on 29/5/17 at 08:36 AM Reply With Quote
Harrys Lap Timer

Has anyone had experience using this app on trackdays?
I've used it on a very relaxed local track with no issues, but yesterday went to blyton and was told anyone caught timing laps would be chucked off, so I didn't want to risk using it.

I should have gone and asked while I was there but wasn't overly bothered.

I know lap timing is a no no (so this may be a stupid question), but I'm only really using it for controlling the gopro and overlaying data as a matter of interest rather than any form of competitive timing.
I tried it in my pocket but you need the screen unlocked with the app open, which meant all sorts of 'buttons' were getting pressed! and also signal must have been poor as it recorded a 15minute lap! I'm not that slow surely?

Has anyone asked the question before or been in bother over using it?

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posted on 29/5/17 at 09:48 AM Reply With Quote
I use racechrono, but have a phone built in to my dash so its easily disguised as simple speedo, but with a single swipe the lap page comes up.
I think it will depend on the TDO as well, I put one of my videos up with all the timing etc, i even mentioned not being supposed to time in the youtube description, but got a really nice email from one of the TDOs instructors complimenting my lap and even gave me a few pointers!! So he wasn't fussed!!

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posted on 30/5/17 at 01:47 PM Reply With Quote
I think they're mainly bothered if you're obviously timing yourself and then trying to beat the time on the day - competing with yourself. Don't think I've ever heard of anyone being pulled up on post-processed data overlays. After all, for timing all you need is a video then you can work out lap times by pausing it at the right place every lap!

If you want discreet GPS tracking, I now use my running watch (Tomtom), just set it before going out then roll my sleeve up - data is then downloadable from Strava etc for use in your favourite video overlay software.

Obviously it's only 1Hz low-res data, but for track position overlay etc it's fine.

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posted on 30/5/17 at 02:14 PM Reply With Quote
I think this has more to do with circuit/TDO insurance than anything else. If you are timing at the circuit you need an MSA/IOPD licenses and the circuit needs a higher level of Marshalls/Recovery etc etc.

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