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Author: Subject: Haynes Roadster Turbo MX5 engine project

posted on 8/7/19 at 06:59 PM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by CosKev3
Originally posted by Charlie C
The cooling was ok on the drive home from the RR
If I could find somewhere to locate the intercooler so its not in front of the radiator I would as I donít think itís the best idea.

As others have found with that rad/intercooler set up,it struggles.

Radtec set up works fine

I have the inter cooler in front of the radiator on a 1.6 MX5 engine mapped at 250bhp, it did struggle with hot running at first however after carrying out the following mods it now runs around 95-100C on the track on a hot day;
Ducting to force air through the inter cooler and radiator, sealing the gap between the intercooler and radiator, coolant re-route, distilled water and water wetter, lots of air vents to allow the hot air to escape, turbo jacket and lots of heat proof wrap on down pipe, gold heat proof tape on some water pipes and intercooler pipes.
On the road it sits at about 88C all day long, only rising in traffic where a 12Ē SPAL radiator fan brings the temp down to about 85C.

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Charlie C

posted on 8/7/19 at 07:59 PM Reply With Quote
I have changed the set up so it is now the same as radtec there is no difference in core sizes and flow direction. The temp was sitting between 93-83 on the road so its not that bad i suppose, I'll try a turbo jacket and see if that makes any difference.

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Charlie C

posted on 8/8/19 at 07:58 AM Reply With Quote
Finally managed to get around to posting the RR print outs, Dale at Bailey performance as been great as usual really helpful and friendly also the butchers down the road do great pork pies and pasties!

The graph on the left is the original RR run with ITB cams etc and the graph on the right was done yesterday.

As soon as I pick the car up from Dale Iíll be taking pictures and putting up for sale as I donít have the time to drive it also I need the space in the garage and the ever impending doom for redundancy. I think in the current market £7250 is a reasonable price for a quick sale.

Registered and IVAíd in February 2017 as a Haynes roadster 1.6, so first MOT due next year.
Iíve covered about 1000 miles in that time.
The chassis and wishbones are talon fabricated and welded.
The body work is only a year old and from Equinox products
The shocks are protech and are upgraded by Procomp, the suspension has also been corner weighted by Matt at Procomp
The front brakes calipers are Willwood and the rear are standard sierra (disc)

The engine and auxiliaries has cost me approximately £5000 in the past couple of years.

The Engine is a mk1 mx5 1.6 and was rebuilt by Basset down engineering last year and done about 40miles, it has reconditioned head, forged rods, balanced crank, baffled sump, welded in turbo oil return, new oil and water pumps and bench run in.
The turbo manifold and down pipe are custom fabricated by DaveFab and has a 3inch down pipe.
The turbo is a new Garret GT2254r and there is a new Forge DV.
The engine is managed by a Megasquiret MS3x ECU.
Boost controller can be activated and de-activated by a switch on the dash.
New COPís, injectors (Injector Dynamics ID1050X) alternator, oil cooler, radiator, intercooler and high pressure fuel pump were installed as part of the turbo install.
The coolant is rerouted via the back of the head using a IL motorsport kit.

The gearbox is from a MX5 mk2.5 1.8 it is and updated design from the MK1/2 also the car was a low millage rust bucket so itís a nice smooth gear box.

The clutch is a new Clutch Kit, Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic, 1.8 MX5 on a new light weigh flywheel.

The front rear axles are sierra, with a sierra 3.95 LSD with rebuilt by Tracsport in Redditch.

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posted on 8/8/19 at 09:22 AM Reply With Quote
Too cheap!

Nice car, runs like a Swiss watch, goes like a rocket!

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Charlie C

posted on 15/8/19 at 03:01 PM Reply With Quote

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