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Stylus rollbar
number-1 - 19/6/19 at 05:40 PM

Can anyone shed some light on how the SSC stylus rollbar is fitted? I can see the bolts behind the seats and also where it is welded in the boot but noticed allen head bolts under this. Is this part of the fitting?

I need to raise my rollbar height by around 2-3 inches and looking for the best way of doing it. I was hoping it was all bolted as i cant weld

number-1 - 19/6/19 at 06:24 PM

Ive just had another look and cant tell if it is in fact welded in the boot area? Any ideas?

wonderfulweasel - 19/6/19 at 07:30 PM

The back stay? Mine sits on top of the chassis rail, with a gussetted bracket allowing a horizontal bolt through a plate into the side of the chassis rail.
It looks pretty similar to yours without the fibreglass around it.
Hope that makes sense. I'll try to put a pic into my archive.

number-1 - 19/6/19 at 08:20 PM

Cheers mate. I hope mine is thee same and bolted rather than welded. If its bolted i can remove it and take it somewhere to get a few inches added to allow for head height

nick205 - 20/6/19 at 12:37 PM

2-3 inches may be too much, but can you you lower the seats (and therefore your body) to gain anything. Might save having to have the roll bar modified.

number-1 - 20/6/19 at 06:52 PM

Ive already gone for GRP sets to lower my bum but im still a bit too tall.

I spent the afternoon removing the roll bar to add blocks under the fitting brackets but the angled supports foul the body at anything over an inch so its a no go.

Back to the drawing board

wonderfulweasel - 20/6/19 at 06:58 PM

I haven't looked into it much so far, but will probably explore forward facing stays for mine. I've seen a few with a similar concept around the paddock on Phoenix's. It will require new mounting points on the chassis though.

number-1 - 20/6/19 at 07:42 PM

Are the sylva roll bars the same fitment as the SSC stylus? I read somewhere the the fisher fury should fit?

Nile_rt - 20/6/19 at 10:06 PM

I've recently gone through all this with my Stylus.

I binned the low, narrow, heavy standard roll bar and made my own. I got the main hoop bent at which cost me 70 plus material and including postage. I then made my own rear stays which mount to the same point as the standard bar, but because of the taller main hoop they go through the fibreglass rear deck. Of course, this roll bar won't work with the standard roof.
I looked at having forward mounted stays but I think they would get in the way and make the driving position too cramped for me.

I lowered the floor too. The fibreglass seats now sit about 20mm lower. I'm 6'2" and it all works pretty well now. Plenty of clearance even with a helmet, and it doesn't look ridiculously tall like other roll bars I've seen.

If anyone wants the drawing I have of the main hoop then send me a message and I'll email it to you. I also have a standard stylus roll bar with the plates for rear stays chopped off if anyone wants it for free. If not then it's going down the tip.

number-1 - 21/6/19 at 09:29 AM

Hello mate, i will drop you a U2U. Im 6'1 so sounds like your plan will work for mine.

Also do you have any pictures?

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