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Zetec zx6r megasquirt running rich and hot
Jo_nsf - 2/10/19 at 05:34 PM

Is there anywhere around Newcastle that is good for fine tuning my seven. Itís running red hot and stinks of petrol. Also kept running the other day when Iíd taken the key out. Wondering if it needs dialling in a bit. Itís a zetec with zx6r carbs with mega squirt ecu. (And possibly a shit radiator)

Also any pointers or advice welcome.


snapper - 3/10/19 at 04:58 AM

Megasquirt & carbs ???

Jo_nsf - 3/10/19 at 06:08 AM

Sorry, megajolt!

SJ - 3/10/19 at 03:10 PM

I've got a zetec on zx6r carbs. What size jets are you running and have you adjusted the needles at all?

Stinking of petrol may well be sticking float valves.

Are they newly fitted?