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Mx5 donor kit for sale
big_wasa - 3/6/18 at 05:35 PM

I collected together an mx5 donor package with the intention of building the Midlana.

This was three years ago and I am no nearer to starting. So with other projects that will keep busy for the forseable its time to Let the Midlana dream go.

I have,

A pair of mk1 non abs front uprights that have been cleaned. They have one sheared bolt in each from the stone guards.

A pair of mk2 non abs rear uprights that have been cleaned. The top rubber bushes are shot but these would be replaced with bearings in a midlana.

New pair of hub seals.

A pair of mk2 drive shafts

A steering column.

A mk2 manual steering rack.

A set of four mk2 1.8 calipers and carriers and discs. All cleaned and ready for a rebuild.

The Midlana first edition book.

This would be collection only due to weight.

200 or I may be open to a trade for Sierra bassed kitcar donor parts.

big_wasa - 12/6/18 at 07:39 PM


I will keep the book and reduce the donor parts to 120.. as I need the space.

ianhurley20 - 16/6/18 at 07:28 PM

U2U sent

big_wasa - 16/6/18 at 07:59 PM

And replied, hows that st170 conversion going mate ?

ianhurley20 - 17/6/18 at 06:29 PM

It's a rolling chassis with everything fitted except bodywork and wiring loom. Next job is to fit wiring loom and ecu and fire it up - I'll get a picture and post it in the next ew days and maybe one in a couple of weeks with engine running !!

lsdweb - 17/6/18 at 09:06 PM

If you were closer....

big_wasa - 18/6/18 at 08:05 AM

Yep I know but it's to much to post and I am just not around in the day time for a pallet courier.