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Speedo sensor help
pekwah1 - 28/11/17 at 08:50 PM

Hi Guys,

I have a digi dash which is not a brand anyone will have heard of, but my speedo pickup bracket failed and looks like i've killed the pickup as below:

It obviously just picks up off a magnet, but are these usually the same kind of sensor, i.e. can i just buy another one of a particular type and just chop and wire it into my existing connector?

Thanks in advance.


mcramsay - 28/11/17 at 09:06 PM

It depends if itís a Hall effect sensor or reed switch, how many wires are on the connector?

pekwah1 - 28/11/17 at 09:19 PM

2 wires sir

rusty nuts - 28/11/17 at 09:28 PM

Have a look at the Greengauges website, part of Speedy cables

mcramsay - 28/11/17 at 09:38 PM

pekwah1 - 28/11/17 at 09:43 PM

thanks very much!

watsonpj - 29/11/17 at 08:07 PM

etb Digidash?
heres there sensor.


MikeRJ - 29/11/17 at 11:34 PM

Originally posted by pekwah1
2 wires sir

Two wires suggest it may be a variable reluctance sensor (a coil of wire with a magnet) rather than hall effect. Have you tried measuring continuity across the wires with a multimeter? If it's open circuit then it's dead, otherwise they tend to have a resistance between a few hundred of ohms up to maybe 1 or 2 kohms.