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Author: Subject: wishbone bushings/bearings

posted on 23/3/09 at 09:09 PM Reply With Quote
wishbone bushings/bearings

What are the real options for the front wishbone mounting to the frame for a road going car? I`m designing a vehicle with double wishbones at front, which will be probably somewhat longer than in a normal locost.

My consideration is that the suspension with common rubber bushings would fluctuate too much, especially when braking.

I would not like to use spherical bearings because they haven`t got any dampening and also they don`t have any protection agains dust and dirt.

In the book "chassis engineering" from Herb Adams there`s 5 pages of bushings. He claims that polyurethane bushings don`t do any good because the surfaces of the bushings should slide to allow the rotating motion and when they don`t, they block the movement of the suspension. Rubber bushings rotate by twisting the whole rubber part.

Obviously powerflex claims that the polyurethane bushing are the best ever

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MK chippy

posted on 23/3/09 at 09:14 PM Reply With Quote
I'd imagine that most people have used the poly bush to be honest

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posted on 23/3/09 at 09:46 PM Reply With Quote
Correctly designed and installed, the polyurethane bush and crush tube should work as a bearing. i.e. the inner crush tube is fixed and the poly bush rotates around it whilst remaining static within the wishbone itself. The crush tube/bush interface nees to be lubricated to allow free rotation.

From what you describe I'd say poly bushes would be the ideal solution.

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