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Anyone heard of...
IanBrace - 21/5/09 at 10:15 PM

I'm trying to get any info on my O and C sport. I'm told it was built by Oldham and Crowther and based on a Celica. Other than that I have no info, so anything you know may help.. anyone any tests or build info??????

balidey - 21/5/09 at 10:25 PM

My dad used to work for Oldham and Crowther, the jaguar specialist based in Peterborough. I'll ask him if he knew of any O and C sports based on celicas.

Any photos?

DarrenW - 22/5/09 at 09:30 AM

Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like you have an interesting car. Do you have any pics of it?

Richard Quinn - 22/5/09 at 01:21 PM

Is it one of these?

Ninehigh - 22/5/09 at 11:37 PM

Cool, locost 40's style

IanBrace - 23/5/09 at 08:46 AM

Thanks for the replies... especially Richard... the link you sent with the brochure on is MY car! Q75 ENR ! Cool or what?
Back to the garage to get it on the road where it belongs!

IanBrace - 23/5/09 at 09:02 AM

O & C sport
O & C sport

This was the photo sent to me when I bought it..

IanBrace - 23/5/09 at 09:22 AM

O & C sport bonnet badge
O & C sport bonnet badge

close up of the badge!

balidey - 23/5/09 at 11:05 AM

I spoke to my father, he left O&C before these cars were made, very late 70's, so I can't help any further. But it made him smile when I mentioned the name

zilspeed - 23/5/09 at 11:21 AM

The O&C sport was indeed a user of Celica bits - specifically the 2TG engine and T series 5 speed box. The only other contemporary to use these bits as I remember was the Spyder Silverstone.

Works driver for O&C was Heather Bailey who I have vague recollection of having won the drive from one of the kit car magazines around this time. That's mid 80s though, so my memories of this are a bit vague.
She was definitely the official driver in a red car.

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owelly - 22/12/12 at 04:45 PM

There's nothing like dragging a thread back from the past!
I was chatting to the landlord of my local lastnight and he knew that I had a few kit cars so asked if I had heard of Oldham and Crowther. He then produced a couple of pictures and brochures. It would seem that the car he has is the very same one this thread was started by! Small world and all that.
It currently has a 2ltr Pinto fitted and has been put away for the winter.