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Almost looks like a rose joint but isn't - help
theprisioner - 14/12/19 at 06:17 PM

The device on the left is a standard 3/8" UNF rose joint from McGill's the one on the right is a rubber filled metalastic type joint with totally different applications. Can you tell me what it is called and where I can get one?

I have one already but completely unaware where I got it from.

The image Description

jonny007 - 14/12/19 at 07:28 PM

Called a turnbuckle, can make your own from rod ends and threaded bar, Mcgill may actually do them

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theconrodkid - 14/12/19 at 08:36 PM

i think its called a jonny joint

ReMan - 14/12/19 at 09:53 PM

That be a Dynaflex rod end, oooh aaar!

theprisioner - 14/12/19 at 11:48 PM

have searched and searched your suggestions but I cannot find the item on the RHS of the picture. It was bought as a roll bar drop link (jack screw), it is not a ball type joint and needs to be a rubber filled joint like the image on the RHS not the LHS. Any other suggestions welcome

40inches - 15/12/19 at 12:33 AM

This any good? Drop Link
or this

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ReMan - 15/12/19 at 12:42 AM

40inches - 15/12/19 at 12:46 AM

Originally posted by ReMan


theprisioner - 22/12/19 at 11:07 PM

Spot ON this time, I knew I still needed this forum you always come up with the goods

StrikerChris - 31/12/19 at 04:04 PM

Not exactly what you were after but Johnny joints(Google them!) do the same thing,and are rebuildable. Not sure how small they go tho