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Electrical connector supplier (Mazda)
Slimy38 - 19/7/20 at 04:52 PM

The ignition section of my Mazda MX5 wiring loom looks like it's gone ten rounds with Mr Krueger (a previous owners attempt to fit an immobiliser), so I'm thinking of chopping it out and replacing the last six inches and the connector. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement connector? To be honest I'm not even sure what it's called, apart from it's 6 pins and spade connectors. I'll need pictures and measurements.

RedAvon - 20/7/20 at 08:23 AM

You could get something like this as there's probably other bits to tidy up as well? spr=1&hash=item56bad9308e:g:Z8IAAOSwnhlb6-iB&enc=AQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu/n+zU5L90Z278x5ickk8ihYa55VeJusc0Ydu6jng9FiMSH0A5SH7+xsOAjkn MHMEjGW2dtoR8xIV3v24rnI6PeCGXJ8ORlL159Fqi9aJzMqBQUAm8ZBBTMjK0UutXX9/uW9pk/63mEo4lnK/osa0c+2/nfFheZSRJdegqrHjQQGBlAtHLhWeEzMP8K0OFZIm7VifiFdS6tYkbph4Mt hRhIbQyejoi7VrBUXDg1OFy38TdQ4Poz1k2x7grm+nGaLvErJdxqjHKmh0ArPZc5J4ygNELsjRBxOuaLelyfMaikg1tg0aEzI4tXU5U/5IKY+IRSVCn/8KCx8y7acdv/MHmLRHEhfYfr544DqTFGfi hV3a513zDYCoYd8cSm2hlVGeghDn9+rzzpWTsqqk8SBN48I3q87E/RNvJIV3ZnG5v2fKFqQ3btyu1R8dMOSfJSJQy4f725R1YgJjhfURC6SpBcLPLcCMb/XTCw+wHRqEsYcWuVaL9GNlXdrIb5oMLK qwnkHyU2oe/89JX/+chV0ZxfV0hMCLV4UPlogwHGD+h4TlQRYtRlfgf6bDA6k4m2qyZ4buqYeCBLGRdNXyPjciG9zwlOa1LxIR+W2jhg0AsruDNAlVGMKnanE7GmZtIIK3Y/DPLsYR8Cei0fF2WsmG aZLBbUB2pItt4keg4wMnXcPRqSZ7E3XLT1UpZ1lz7DEUFcGsvS5MCESdG4CX4JX8FaNbfhoPy5XQSWq6i+oop5RUGgdOPt6AbQxY5lduajV4DY5h9biR1ec3YEcvXVPGghaL6ep60zxOa59OiZjpg= =&checksum=3725019833747aa611b6387846afbdaa16f8dc8c544f&redirect=mobile


Slimy38 - 20/7/20 at 09:55 AM

That's a good plan, thanks. For now I've found that the inside connectors appear to be 6.3mm female spade connectors, so I've bought some new connectors to reuse the shell. I'm hoping it will work, the ignition switch in particular is moulded to the barrel so I'd struggle to replace both sides.