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Author: Subject: Tuned zetec on carbs
richard munnis

posted on 23/1/17 at 06:01 PM Reply With Quote
Tuned zetec on carbs

Hi folks
Just wondering has anybody out there run a tuned zetec on motorbike carbs if so did they gain much bhp I was thinking of gas flowing the head and fitting cams too mine and using the zx9r carbs I have already attached to my standard engine
Cheers Richard

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posted on 23/1/17 at 07:26 PM Reply With Quote
Injection - as the revs rise you need to have another set of injectors further away to keep up with the progression.
Carbs 40's - need to have the right size choke fitted which would favor either high or low revs - pull.
Bike - nice and big with sliding variable chokes so great for high and low pull - revs.

I like bike carbs - off and stripped in 10 mins - back on in 10..

Own chassis & Build - First time pass!!
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posted on 23/1/17 at 08:09 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Richard. Injection doesn't NEED a second set of injectors. The benefits would be marginal. Loads of Zetecs coping perfectly well on a single set. My 3SGE engine only has a single set.
You do need the right size injectors though.
I suspect that with head work and cams that you may be getting to the point where your ZX9 carbs become the
weak link. Having said that I would be tempted to run with them at first. A rolling road run will show you how
well the carbs are working. Blackbird carbs are 42mm IIRC and may provide a "least cost" alternative.
Ultimately, injection is the way to go.

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