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Author: Subject: Locost with a difference

posted on 16/11/17 at 06:17 PM Reply With Quote
Yeah rear arches are wrong way around imo

Some people like them that way,but look wrong to me

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posted on 17/11/17 at 09:34 AM Reply With Quote
A bit more tinkering, I tried the rear suspension on to see if that cleared the body

It needs a trim to fit the shocks. That lower brace will be chopped off after the final final fit, but needs to stay in for now to stop it all folding up fitting and removing the body

And on

Loosely tried the hub and wheel on to see how the arches fitted to the wheel. The wheel arches are from the original Locost so they could be off anything. GBS ZERO chassis and suspension, MNR VORTX body and random LOCOST wheel arches, and it actually lines up ok! Everything's just placed on here so all a bit squeif 

Tried one of the boot panels in and it fits perfect, the original holes line up which is good

I thought I'd have a little sit in the car to see how it feels and disaster!

This picture is taken at my eyline

You can't see over the dash!!

The seats look right for a GBS ZERO

But everyone in a MNR VORTX sits a lot higher. The sholder holes in the seats are well high of the rear panel and the drivers chin it at the top of the dash. The top of my head is in mine!

At first I though the body was on too high, and I obviouly can't drop the body down any more as it's on the rear turrets.

Then I realised that it couldn' be too high because the VORTX body sits on the bottom of the chassis..... The same as mine. Here's a vortex chassis

So looked at some VORTX build threads and they have a lot of cross braces on the floor

And they use huge 50mm spacers, then the runners which are probably 25mm and then ontop of the 25mm chassis section, it means a vortx seat is 100mm off the floor!!

Not ideal because ideally you want your weight as low as possible, but that' the way it is

So got some testing purposes spacers under my seat

Raising it right up

Which results in perfect viability

I tried the wheel in to check that wasn' down between my legs, it' right at the bottom of it' adjustment here but I need to cut the scuttle to move it up, but is able to go up another 50+mm 

So it think it will all be ok.

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posted on 17/11/17 at 09:42 AM Reply With Quote
I had the same problem with the MK and GRP seats, needed 25mm box section for mounting, plus 50mm spacers, plus the thickness of the slides.

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posted on 17/11/17 at 09:43 AM Reply With Quote
Don't raise the seat too much,my new seats this year are slightly higher than my old ones and with a aeroscreen my helmet starts to lift at speed now as the air is getting under it.
From my experience you want your eye line tight on the top of aeroscreen,so you can't actually see the nose cone from your normal seated position.
You need to sit yourself up in seat when parking etc to see nose cone.

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posted on 17/11/17 at 02:31 PM Reply With Quote
Ah good, I'm glad raising the seat is an actual thing. Now I know it works I can play with the height.
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posted on 20/11/17 at 01:05 AM Reply With Quote
Waiting on some 25x50 box to turn up so I can decide exactly where the body will sit. It's really hard to measure because all the edges are rounded and curved, and it fits from the mould are done freehand. So it's really tough to get a proper measrement between the chassis and body. I taped some aluminium strips at certain points from the chassis 

I tried the tank in too to make sure you can get it in and out with the body on, if needed

All the GBS boot panels fit perfectly. 

I'm going to put some rails down the back as there is very little protection to the fuel tank, even more so with a fibreglass tub instead of a steel one. It only takes someone to reverse into it with a tow bar and it's through the tank. 

The standard gbs brake set up uses a Sierra 4 port mastercyliner 

Then they have a little panel around it

And a lid which then keeps your feet and the engine bay separate 

The Locost came with a proper bias set up, with the 3 separate resiviors, so I'm going to have a close look at the race series to see if 

I can not that to fit.

Due to where the steering shaft comes through I don't think I can use it as the locost was, but the gbs zero race series has them up where my Sierra one is facing backwards so I'll have a closer look at the racing chassis to see if much is different in that area to mine besides the extra holes.

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