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Author: Subject: Bucket seats

posted on 25/5/17 at 06:40 PM Reply With Quote
Bucket seats

Hi all.. first post so please be gentle. . I have recently purchased myself a lovely raw striker. It is currently fitted with a bench seat. I would like to replace it with some nice fiber glass or carbon fibre bucket seats.. my question is can I just bolt the seat rails to the chassis or do I need make some kind of mounting plate?

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posted on 25/5/17 at 06:55 PM Reply With Quote

You can bolt to the chassis, though just drilling through will weaken the chassis. Or through the floor but spreader plates advisable. Or you could make custom brackets.
Strikers cockpits are very narrow (especially the drivers side) and many seats won't fit. JK Composites and Tillet both make a special seat for Strikers.

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posted on 25/5/17 at 07:06 PM Reply With Quote
That's brill thanks. . I'll check it out
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posted on 25/5/17 at 07:36 PM Reply With Quote
Some info in this thread:
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posted on 25/5/17 at 08:26 PM Reply With Quote
I have the jk composites striker seats with mounting bases and reinforced backs, the available room is very limited but it is possible to mount them on runners.

I have the runners bolted to the seats and then to two 25mm box section brackets that are bolted to the alloy floor. The box section acts as a spreader and brings the runners high enough to clear the chassis rail that crosses the seat area, and also allows enough room around the seat to slide on the runners, as the seat area tapers narrower towards the floorpan.
I found there was not enough room to mount any lower and still have functional runners, the sierra based raw chassis may be different in this respect.
I also have the passenger seat on runners so i can use the area behind the seat for storage and allow taller passengers when necessary, the handbrake cover needs modification to give full seat travel, and a guide for the handbrake cable is needed to keep it away from the runner mechanism.

If adjustable seats are not a requirement, then spreader plates and mounting directly to the floor would be the way to go.
The basic jk seat with no bases require a different style of mounting and support at the rear bulkhead as well.

I haven't got any pics of the runners/mountings to hand, but i can take some pics if it is of use.


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posted on 26/5/17 at 11:09 AM Reply With Quote
I have now mounted two sets of JK Composite seats into two different Strikers. these ones

The first one the seats had the molded base and I made a simple frame to spread the load and bolted straight to the aluminium floor with penny washers on the underside. These worked fine and did several track days and many road miles with no issues.

The second set of seats had the lip at the front (no molded base, it does add a few cm to the height and being >6'2" every inch I can save is helpful) which I have manged to line up with a a chassis cross member with a simple right angle steel bracket. The back is then supported with some ally brackets into a rear bulkhead chassis cross member. They feel OK but the car is not quite finished yet so not proven other than in the garage and on my driveway

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