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Author: Subject: Ideas for a portable monitor

posted on 17/8/17 at 04:18 PM Reply With Quote
Ideas for a portable monitor

I'm frequently finding myself using a second monitor, but not all contracts I'm on can provide a second monitor. I want to get a screen that I can put in my bag alongside my laptop.

There are specific USB monitors that are designed to be portable, unfortunately the USB input is like working through glue. And for some reason it's not 'cool' to include something like HDMI or VGA in these monitors.

On the other hand, there are plenty of 15 inch monitors available that are quite slim, but they come with non removal bases that are often more bulky than the monitor itself.

So what I'm after is;

1. A low profile screen (up to 1 inch thick max), max about 17 inches diagonal. Lightweight would be nice, I was looking at resurrected laptop screens but I'm not sure I could do what they were doing. Oh, and an external power brick is fine (and probably preferred)

2. A simple foldable stand that will either detach or will fold flush.

Now, the stand just cries out for some locost creativity. At minimum I was thinking some sort of hinged metal that had VESA fixings on one face, and the other face then folds underneath to a specific angle. A bit like how you can fold a door hinge back on itself and it ends up about 30 degrees open (or 330 degrees if you look at it the other way!).

Or perhaps something like a tablet case that folds into a triangle to become a stand?

Has anyone got any ideas, or even something they've seen or done before like this?

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