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Author: Subject: Heretic locost

posted on 20/3/18 at 10:48 PM Reply With Quote
Heretic locost

Only way to have registration plates on homemade car in Croatia is to redefine body over chassis.Everything else is complicated than mission on Mars.
After checking situation with CVH /Croatian vehicle center/ inspector in City of Split i decide to apply papers for "redefine body of vehicle".
Naked '73.Volkswagen Bug 1300 chassis with some "7" silhouettes and lines...
This is not traditional "locost" or "seven"...i'ts my low&slow dream for spending money reserved for beer,cakes,smokes,drugs...
Searching for Bug with papers and not so far finished on Island of Brac in central Dalmatia.Towing costs are 500 Croatian Kuna /cca. 70 Euros/ and "Yolande" is come home on yellow metal horse;

Free weekend;


Changed tire dim. to small 175-50-13

Changes on chassis:

Sport seat

My version of twoseater;

Testing ...testing...


Rear eyes


Camera died...

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posted on 21/3/18 at 08:00 AM Reply With Quote
Hello and Welcome to the madhouse

We, in the UK, should be grateful for the more liberal laws that allow us to build our own cars - your post should remind us of that.

Having said that I've got to congratulate you on redefining the body of that VW Beetle

It looks like you're going to end up with a really nice car - I hope you have a lot of fun driving it.

How will you make the classic Seven bodywork? Will it be Steel or Aluminium?

What's the final weight likely to be?

and do your laws allow you to tune the engine at all?

Good luck with the rest of the build


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Rosemary, the telephone operator? ...No.
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posted on 21/3/18 at 10:05 AM Reply With Quote
Thank you,
Madhouse have open door...please check...
My toy will have steel sheets and cca. 550 kg. I do not belived in fiberglass .Croatian law approved 30% bigger power of engine with serious papers for that.Complicated...
First run with "Yolande" was be before couple days with mu 13 y. son.

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