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Author: Subject: Fireplace engine coolant

posted on 10/7/20 at 06:23 AM Reply With Quote
Fireplace engine coolant

Just replaced the water pump on my MK Indy Fireblade engine and flushed out the system. There seemed to be quite a bit of corrosion on the ally parts. What sort of coolant are you using, I use the car mainly on track, and in the past just used normal ally antifreeze/water. I have looked at several different methods and additives. I was recommended Purple Ice as an additive, Water Wetter and various other additives to improve cooling efficiency and anti corrosive properties. I'm reluctant to consider it but has any one had dealings with waterless coolant?.
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posted on 10/7/20 at 07:39 AM Reply With Quote
For corrosion protection this stuff is really good

It's designed to be used on multi-metal engines including alloy, iron, copper and silver soldiers (lots of old tractors have all of them in one system)
And it's ment to be a pretty good coolant too

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posted on 13/7/20 at 08:12 PM Reply With Quote
To knock Evans Waterless Coolant on the head it is just glycol with hopefully a few anti-corrosion additives ---- ie its is really just almost pure glycol antifreeze.

Too high a concentration of antifreeze in the coolant increases the viscosity of the coolant which reduces coolant flow and strains the waterpump impeller.

All modern antifreezes are glycol based --- automotive antifreezes usually ethylene glycol but propylene glycol is also used main difference is it not toxic.

Best cooling occurs at a 30% Glycol antifreeze 70% water mix. For long coolant life and corrosion protection 50%-50% is normal for freeze protection 25% solution is suffiecient for the worst UK winters.

Originally Japanese, US and European antifreezes used compeletly different corrosion protection additives.
OAT longlife coolant is suitable for all provided the system is flushed. But take care when mixing brands

You test the corrosion protection of the antifreeze by measuring the PH using test paper OAT anfreezes should be over 8 I use Mannol AF12+ OAT antifreeze and it is about PH 8.5 at 50% solution

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