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Oops !
nick-york - 12/9/17 at 08:22 PM

New radiator came today and it's not going to fit ! When I was checking the dimensions of the new radiator to be i got a bit mixed up somehow .the coresize would fit perfectly but when you add on the sides it's too big ! It's a 90-94 polo radiator. Overall width of 520mm.I need a radiator with max overall width off 500mm at a push but ideally about 480mm .what are my options please ?Also to add to my misery it came damaged so has to go back anyhow ! Help please ?Cheers.

BenB - 12/9/17 at 08:56 PM

You have to get the right vintage Polo otherwise it's too big. I made the same error initially- can't remember what years though are the right ones

BenB - 12/9/17 at 08:58 PM

So looks like it's the '83-90 "302" radiator usually.

BenB - 12/9/17 at 08:59 PM

Which is 472 by 323 by 34 deep

nick-york - 12/9/17 at 09:13 PM

Thanks BenB. Much appreciated- Nick

SJ - 13/9/17 at 08:08 AM

When I bought mine the online shop had images with dimensions which made it easier.