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New car to replace Kit
madteg - 12/9/18 at 09:04 PM

Got a new car that's a bit more usable. Just realised having searching for parts i still own a a kit car

tegwin - 12/9/18 at 09:18 PM

Nice! I had one of those for a while. Made a lovely sound!!

Have a blast

CosKev3 - 12/9/18 at 09:53 PM

Originally posted by madteg
Just realised having searching for parts i still own a a kit car

A badly built one at that!

I was really shocked after looking in the boot at the wiring on my bruv in laws old cerbera

neilp1 - 13/9/18 at 08:20 AM

Very nice. Always wanted one of them.

nick205 - 13/9/18 at 08:37 AM

They are indeed said to be a bit kit car'ish!

Very nice looking and sounding cars though.

Enjoy it

wylliezx9r - 13/9/18 at 08:44 AM

Very nice

big_wasa - 13/9/18 at 10:05 AM

Nice, what are they like for driver leg room ?


mikeb - 13/9/18 at 11:05 AM

Looks lovely, I've had a couple of S series TVR and nearlly bough a Chim a few years ago. Might trade in my kit and go for one in a year or two if I have the extra penny's. Be interesting on your view of drive ability, usability (do you end up using it more) and performance against your old kit

perksy - 13/9/18 at 10:05 PM

I was very very close to buying one a few months ago but head ruled heart in the end

Spoke to a few owners and the problems seemed to be part of the 'fun' "Designed in a pub and built in a shed" as they put it...

Lovely noise though

ReMan - 14/9/18 at 02:06 PM

A smouldering secret desire of mine.
As mentioned in another post I've never owned a V8 so its got to be done, now I've got the flat 6 ticked