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Zeus Pictures
jeffw - 11/3/18 at 03:26 PM

Collected the Zeus today

Ivan - 11/3/18 at 03:37 PM

That looks right quick just standing there!

jeffw - 11/3/18 at 03:51 PM

You should hear what it sounds like !

Simon - 11/3/18 at 05:18 PM

Looks quite bonkers

HowardB - 11/3/18 at 05:54 PM

oooo nice - looking forward to hearing all about it's exploits -

jeffw - 11/3/18 at 07:10 PM

Very bonkers, they have been working on the map and it now spools up 'like a scalectrix car' apparently. I assume that means quickly.

HowardB - 11/3/18 at 07:16 PM

Originally posted by jeffw
Very bonkers, they have been working on the map and it now spools up 'like a scalectrix car' apparently. I assume that means quickly.

As long as it doesn't mean 17 laps and then your brother melts it....

Well done Jeff....

jeffw - 11/3/18 at 07:24 PM

Or that is comes off the track on every bend !

HowardB - 11/3/18 at 07:28 PM

Sunny side up...

jeffw - 11/3/18 at 07:37 PM


jeffw - 11/3/18 at 07:38 PM

it sounds like a F1 car on idle/being blipped, bonkers thing

B33fy - 12/3/18 at 10:10 AM

Looks great Jeff, looks way too quick for my camera skills.

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 10:14 AM

Then just think of the old guy driving it!

russbost - 12/3/18 at 11:25 AM

I've not been keeping up with your exploits - what engine with what mods are you using & what is output & rev range of power?

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 12:56 PM

Hey Russ

It is a MR1500T, which is a Turbo'ed billet crankcase engine. It uses Busa Block/pistons/rods and heavily modified head. It drives into a Hewland Transaxle. Low boost (0 on the boost knob) puts out 520-530 BHP, high boost (11 on the knob lol) makes 630ish. Rev limit is 10500rpm.

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Hakuraa - 12/3/18 at 12:58 PM

Will we see youtube videos?

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 01:01 PM

Yes, once I've got the video system installed. There are some drive-by videos from last year at Cadwell and some Dyno video as well.

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 01:02 PM

This is the car in early development on a hub Dyno.

russbost - 12/3/18 at 01:03 PM


Serious bit of kit, surprisingly low rev limit at 10,500. How reliable are they & how many miles between rebuilds? What clutch is used to mate the engine to the Hewland box? I'm not even going to ask about price, obviously hugely eye watering!

What events are you using the car for?

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 01:09 PM

Rev limit is there to preserve the engine (as always). There are development engines which are Gen 2 which are up over 850BHP.

I don't know what the clutch is, it will be bespoke as the engine doesn't use the Busa clutch/gearbox. If you wanted to buy an engine I think it starts around 38K.

The car has been used previously as an Endurance racer in OSS, I'm going to sprint the car in the British Sprint Championship and I don't expect any issue, engine wise. The guys who make the engine and Geoff Page Racing are keen to get it out and running so they are supporting me in competition (and rebuilding at the end of the year for cost).

The ECUs are Life F88 and the turbo casings are from a TAG McLaren (!) with very modern interiors.

Hakuraa - 12/3/18 at 01:25 PM

Sounds lovely, too quick for this old person, I will stick to track days. Good luck with the championship.

PAUL FISHER - 12/3/18 at 02:32 PM

That's a proper piece of kit Jeff, that's going to be seriously quick, nice work, I will be watching your progress in the Javelin sprints this year

nick205 - 12/3/18 at 02:37 PM

It looks outstanding and the engine looks/sounds a rather different kettle of fish to those we generally see and hear about on here.

I do hope you enjoy it - I'd imagine it'll take a bit of learning to get the best from it

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 03:16 PM

Just a little bit of learning required !

nick205 - 12/3/18 at 03:35 PM

Originally posted by jeffw
Just a little bit of learning required !

Indeed, but I also suspect you'll probably enjoy the learning process

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 04:16 PM

jeffw - 12/3/18 at 08:12 PM

Just to prove it is in the garage and it works...a very short video

jeffw - 13/3/18 at 02:06 PM

peter030371 - 13/3/18 at 03:11 PM

That reminds me, can you send me a close up of that dashboard connector.....I have a few suppliers that might be able to identify it and supply a suitable connector

Edit: don't worry found it, try this from RS 878-2542

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jeffw - 13/3/18 at 03:22 PM

You where right, XLR then

jeffw - 30/3/18 at 07:41 PM

And....I've broken my leg. 6 weeks in plaster at least

HowardB - 30/3/18 at 07:44 PM

Oh no.. get well sooner

jeffw - 12/4/18 at 08:34 PM

HowardB - 14/4/18 at 06:59 AM

Hope the leg is on the mend?
Are those ultra light racing crutches I can see?

Is that a spare tub? Looks extremely well made.

jeffw - 14/4/18 at 08:04 AM

Standard issue NHS crutches, they where all out of carbon ones Just an aside, the NHS have been brilliant from first visit to A&E and all the way through. Another 2.5 weeks till the plaster comes off but the leg is feeling much better.

That is chassis No2, I have chassis No3. Chassis No2 has been modified for the new ROPS design and mine is off to get the same thing done next week. Chassis No2 will be built up and raced in OSS this year with a development of the engine I have (680 BHP ish). Once the development parts are proved my engine will be upgraded to the latest spec.

All exciting stuff

HowardB - 15/4/18 at 10:24 AM

wow - impressed, good news on the leg.
Once you are all up and running it would be good to come along and see it in action, does it ever come to the miserable midlands?

jeffw - 15/4/18 at 11:37 AM

I venture to many tracks, including in the Midlands. Let me get back on my feet so to speak and I'll list all the events I'm attending/competing in.