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Vodou rear assembly confusion
hendy777 - 18/2/17 at 01:52 PM

I'm following the vodou plans and so far going really well. Until the rear assembly.
Its probably staring me in the face but what does the 45 degree attach to on RA2?
It would make sense if RA3 was used to complete the square but on the drawing it says it should go at the front next to the seat back.
Opening another question what do those angles attach to?
Any help will be great.
Thank you.

Talon Motorsport - 18/2/17 at 09:24 PM

Been a long time since I've had any dealings with this so bare with.....
Bottom of the rear suspension cage which would be RS1,2+3 in the book had an extra piece under RS1+2 471mm long which sat on the back of RS14 so when welded together could be made and held square. The parts you are refering are RS1+2 in the book which means the back section needs to be 471mm with 45' cuts each end.

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[Edited on 18/2/17 by Talon Motorsport]

hendy777 - 19/2/17 at 10:00 PM

Thank you that helps a lot. Do you know anyone who still makes the bush buckets?

Talon Motorsport - 20/2/17 at 09:28 AM

It's a lot easier to just use solid stock with a hole drilled through if you have access to a lathe, otherwise you have the faff of finding a socket that fits inside the 'bucket' socket. Having said that 40mm tube with a plate with pre drilled hole then welded once centered for placement issues will also work.

hendy777 - 20/2/17 at 11:47 AM

Great thank you. I think I will give the tube and plate idea a go as think I have some laying about somewhere. Just one last question if I could please. Would you know the measurement between the workbench and RA10? I can't see it anywhere.
Thanks again.