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Changing gear direction
parkiboy - 14/11/17 at 12:04 PM

Hi, i have been to look at purchasing my second kit car today, like my first it is a BEC. Unlike my first the gears are 1 down and 5 up, my hayabusa MK used to be 1 up and 5 down which i much preferred.

Is it an easy job to switch it around? what does it involve?


ReMan - 14/11/17 at 12:13 PM

depends on the setup. But either an extra bell crank or the gearbox shift arm moving 180 degrees is the simple answer.
In practice maybe a bit harder. Pictures always good and the chances are someone else has the same setup.
I'd agree 1 forward 5 back is more natural to the way your body is moving in acceleration and braking

jossey - 14/11/17 at 12:47 PM

If its a cable then it's easier but if it's metal bar and pivots then may not be as easy. Get some pics of the mech and we can have a look. My tiger was 1st at top and down to 2nd etc. I prefer that direction like you do.
But I know most have it the other way.

loggyboy - 14/11/17 at 12:51 PM

assuming its a stick change, change the connection from above to below the pivot, or vice versa. Might just need some adjustment to get distances/ratios correct.

parkiboy - 14/11/17 at 01:12 PM

thanks for the responses i will bed this until i receive the car and i will come back with some photos, it sounds like it will be within my ability i just wanted to make sure it was doable because i don't think i could live with its current setup.

Hopley89 - 14/11/17 at 02:40 PM

I have just made a metal bar gear linkage (short throw) as i donít like the cable (to stiff)
i noticed i could have it in both set ups if i wanted just by changing the
gear arm on the engine, i have set imine up, 1st forward and 2,3 ect backwards