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Mk blackbird on the bay
Barneymagru - 12/3/18 at 06:30 PM

Anyone spotted this on e. Bay. 263462216226 item number

Is is listed as MK but the v5 calls its a KD which I can find nothing on Internet to reference against.

Built in 2003. MK say it looks a bit like one of theirs but it was sold previously in 2016 and listed as a dax rush.

I have managed to find out that it was in storage as part of a bailiff dispute for 8 years and its first mot was in 2016 at 1000 miles. It is now at about 4500 miles

I don't know if it has a dry sump I have asked the dealer to confirm as I won't buy it without one.

What's the consensus as I don't want to pay top dollar for something which I won't be able to sell in a few years time.

Any input gratefully received as I am a newbie to the Bec market


ian locostzx9rc2 - 12/3/18 at 06:40 PM

Sounds like itís registered incorrectly the blackbird engine has a bad reputation for blowing up?

CosKev3 - 12/3/18 at 07:09 PM

Pretty sure you can register a kit car as whatever you want?
not a good idea though IMO if it's a MK/manufacturer bought kit!
Bit of a worry it's been advertises as a Dax Rush before,but could just be the seller wasn't knowledgeable in kit cars.
If you do view it check the chassis number carefully,and any signs of a chassis number being anywhere else on it.

IMO it's way over priced anyway,it's a very old MK chassis to start with,wrong size wheel's, roll over bar that's basically no good for anything,standard Sierra brakes and I can't see any other high spec parts to give it that high a price?
Unless it's available for around 6-7k I wouldn't view it

myke pocock - 12/3/18 at 07:36 PM

What's all the matching chrome headlights bit about? If they cannot think of much else in it's favor then pass on by I recon.

obfripper - 12/3/18 at 07:36 PM

KD made cortina based cobra replicas - read what you will of that.


CosKev3 - 12/3/18 at 07:40 PM

Originally posted by obfripper
KD made cortina based cobra replicas - read what you will of that.


Oh dear,very suspicious then,don't bother with it!!

jossey - 12/3/18 at 07:44 PM

Makes a change they normally break the law by ringing using old Duttons

wylliezx9r - 12/3/18 at 08:20 PM

It's way over priced and a ringer. Steer well clear.

Barneymagru - 12/3/18 at 08:58 PM

Thanks guys

You are saying the things one half of me was already thinking

Buying from a dealer rather than owner or builder
Crappy ford brakes although probably adequate
No 3 cylinder explosions
Weird back story ref low mileage
KD. Wtf??
Wrong size wheels
Questionable roll bar
15 years old - probably qualifies for classic insurance !!

On the other hand it did fail an mot because the exhaust is WAY TOO LOUD !!!

Agreed I will use my head and steer clear.

Anyone got an alternative for sale?

nick205 - 13/3/18 at 09:50 AM

I know it's a dealer selling it, but that Looks overpriced to me. It also looks to have had quite a few keepers too.

I built a similar aged MK Indy 2.0 Pinto, it was great fun to build and a good enough car at the end of it. With an expanding family (3 kids) I had to sell it on as a two seat open top car just didn't fit with what was needed. I sold it for less than half that price and was happy with the sale. It went to the first person who came to view and test drive it.

My own advice would be to move on and look elsewhere. There's plenty of cars out there better priced and indeed better spec'd.

Barneymagru - 13/3/18 at 06:37 PM


I will keep my ear to the ground.

I usually search on ebay or pistonheads

Anywhere else worth checking?

CosKev3 - 13/3/18 at 07:00 PM

Stoneleigh kit car show on may bank holiday weekend,usually a few for sale there.
Worth going anyway to see so many in the flesh if you are a potential owner,you can get an idea of how good and bad some builds are!!!

Barneymagru - 13/3/18 at 07:24 PM


Good call

CosKev3 - 17/3/18 at 10:04 PM

That looks a great car,and is a great price for a Busa powered car

Compare that to the blackbird one on ebay and you'll see why we said that isn't worth the money!

Barneymagru - 18/3/18 at 04:58 PM

Thanks mate.

I will make contact to find out a bit more about it.