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Hayabusa coolant
Hutch - 16/5/18 at 02:03 PM


I have a westfield xtr2 with a 1400cc busa engine fitted,
I took the car out to snetterton last week and it started to get hotter than normal.

Itís only running a standard polo radiator with water/antifreeze in it. Iíve ordered a new alloy radiator along with some new pipe work and hoses.

What coolant are people using?

Bigboystoys - 16/5/18 at 06:10 PM

Just a good coolant for aluminium engines is fine just change it every couple of years if used on road and a bit more often if tracked.
Just check water is circulating ok, is it running electric water pump or standard Busa one?

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Jon Ison - 16/5/18 at 06:33 PM

How hot is hotter than normal?

Normal = when your driving on the road or previous track work?

Hutch - 16/5/18 at 07:35 PM

Iíve only done a couple of Trackdays in this car and this is the first one this year, it normally sits around 90 - 95 but it was creeping up above the100 mark, I was then backing off and allowing to cool,

Iíve purchased the ally radiator as I donít think itíll do any harm and just wanted to make sure I was putting some descent fluids in.

@Bigboystoys yes it is running an electric pump

Bigboystoys - 16/5/18 at 07:40 PM

Check the pump is circulating if it's running a pressure cap on rad check it or for the cost change it, I wouldn't worry too much my radical used to sit about 95/100 after a hard session on track. From memory the fan when in bike doesn't cut in till about 105 c

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