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Zx9 E wiring
matt.c - 13/6/18 at 10:31 AM

Long shot but has anyone got a diagram on how to wire up a zx9E engine please? Got one fitted but cant get it to fire. Just want to check how others have wired it.

Many thanks for your time guys.



gremlin1234 - 13/6/18 at 11:44 AM

a quick search found,D1)_98_Service_Manual_ENG.pdf

I have seen common problems associated with the stand position switch. (yea you don't have a stand, need to bypass the switch)

minitici - 14/6/18 at 09:23 AM

Has your engine ever run in the car?

If it is a new installation and you are not using the bike's ignition switch, you will need to fit a 100 Ohm resistor into the grey wire feeding to the CDI/ECU.

As stated above, the side stand switch also needs to be linked out.

wylliezx9r - 14/6/18 at 11:41 AM

From memory I believe the clutch switch also has to be shorted.