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Bonnet Bulge
cfc999 - 7/11/18 at 06:22 PM

In the process of fitting my original one piece fiberglass bonnet/nose cone on to my zx9 powered strike. To get it to fit Iíve had to cut a hole in it and now my pipercross air filter and carbs poke through.
The carbs and air filter stick out about 10cm above the level of my bonnet.
Looking for a clean professional look so contemplating fitting a bonnet bulge to give me the clearance and finish Iím after
Any ideas
Been to see a fiberglass expert who suggested I look for a mold roughly the right size and shape.
Other option is to buy a fiberglass bonnet bulge and fit that
Any suggestions

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r1_pete - 7/11/18 at 09:37 PM

Have a look at Honeybourne Mouldings they have a range of production car bulges replicated in fibreglass.

cfc999 - 7/11/18 at 09:44 PM

Will have a look thanks but not sure if they are going to be tall enough

cfc999 - 8/11/18 at 02:57 PM

Thinking of things I could use to make a mould
1. Small rooftop box lid
2. Plastic sledge
3. Half a kids hardshell suitcase
Need 10cm clearance so donít think the off the shelf bulges will fit

davspeed - 8/11/18 at 03:29 PM

I made one for my striker having fitted a crb1000rr fireblade engine. I new little about them when I bought it and realised I had to keep the upper injectors. I had to do away with the original air box but it was still fairly high and fashioned a mould out of cardboard and fibre glassed over it. I used filler to get it smooth but had to use loads so it is quite heavy. over winter I will take a mould of what I've got and do it again. Its bigger than I wanted but had no choice.

4552931 6342_59b980afbf_o by david.vangils, on Flickr

4552931 0092_2d855ee759_o by david.vangils, on Flickr

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cfc999 - 8/11/18 at 03:38 PM

Thanks for the pics. Looks good. Iíve got a original 90ís bonnet so itís even lover than yours. Running carbs that need still air apparently so need to be cover completely.

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Badger_McLetcher - 8/11/18 at 05:14 PM

Make your own- it can't be that hard if I've done it! I made the two side bulges to fit my throttle bodies.

I used expanding foam to get the rough shape (cut with a bread knife kind of thing), then went over it with body filler and sanded it to get the finish. Then polished, applied release agent and made a mould with fibreglass. Once done I made the new parts in the mould.

Took me a while, but I took ages trying to get the two sides symmetric!

Shooter63 - 8/11/18 at 08:38 PM

I'm in the same position but in my case I've got turbo poke through, I've decided to make some alloy trims to go around the opening