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Cable vs push rod setup
Elmof1 - 12/6/19 at 12:57 PM

Next job on my list is the gear linkage. Undecided on what set up to go for; Cable vs push rod.

Slightly biased towards the Push rod set up at the moment.

adithorp - 12/6/19 at 06:20 PM

Depends how simple/complex it'd be to design a rod system. If it can be done with a simple solution I'd go rod but if not cable.

Rods work well but only if you can eliminate any slop in the system with good play and flex free pivots. Equally a cable system needs good, firm mountings for the outer cable ends.

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roadrunner - 13/6/19 at 08:48 AM

Has anyone tried both.
I have a rod set up and quite happy with it but I would like to know if the cable is better.


adithorp - 13/6/19 at 09:25 AM

I've got rod system on mine because the alignment of the lever on the motor made it very simple/easy. Works really well. I've driven other people's cars with rods that weren't good, mainly due to play in the pivots. I've also driven cable operated systems that were good and others that weren't.

nick205 - 13/6/19 at 10:27 AM

Tin tops

Peugeot 205 GTI uses rods between the gear leaver and gearbox. Brand new they work well, but after a while the small ball joints at the ends of the rods get sloppy and the gear change doesn't feel as positive. Companies sell kits of new rods/links to replace the originals and improve the feel of the gear change.

VW (I believe) use a push/pull cable arrangement. On the VWs I've driven the gear change has always felt fine. I suspect VW have much money and expertise dedicated to developing and testing this approach though.

nick9one1 - 27/6/19 at 11:59 AM

As other have said, push rod is fine if you have tight joints and the route is simple.

I went with cable for my build as I've had a few cars in the past with sloppy pushrod systems.

If you do go cable, its best to use something like a teleflex cable that is made for push/pull operation. Most cables are designed for one way operation (pull not push). Teleflex cables are mostly used for steering on boats.

Oddified - 28/6/19 at 09:00 PM

I used series 4 push/pull control cable for my gear linkage, precise/accurate/no play..very very good. Any length and combinations of end fittings to suit what ever you want.