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Question regarding Quaife Diff QDF7ZR
woodsy144 - 11/12/19 at 01:27 AM

Got a question for those using the chain driven Quaife QDF7ZR diff

It states 14mm hollow dowl pins. I have been speaking to my fabricator and we have some questions

- what are the purpose of this pins?
- are they even necessary?
- are they permanently in place or just to assist with sprocket alignment?
- other than Quaife, is there anywhere else where these can be sourced?



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minitici - 11/12/19 at 09:53 AM

The 14mm hollow dowel bushes are removable.
They are there to assist alignment but not really necessary as primary alignment is by having a close fitting bore of the sprocket.
The sprocket is maintained in position by the clamping forces of the (8) fixing bolts, not the dowel bushes.

If you don't want to use the hollow dowel bushes you can chop them in half and fit them into the housing only.

The dowel bushes can make it a bit difficult to change sprockets and don't help if you have split sprockets.

When I use split sprockets I provide special alignment bobbins at the split lines to ensure even spacing of both halves of the sprocket.

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