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Need advice on FWD layout.
akumabito - 26/1/20 at 12:11 AM

Hi guys,

I could use some advice on the most 'sensible' way to convert a FWD car to bike power.

In my mind it makes sense to keep the car transmission in place - only top gear and reverse would ever be used. All the actual shifting would be handled by the bike trans. This solves all the problems with the diff / driveshafts / reverse.

Am I overlooking something? Are there any significant drawbacks to this configuration? What would be the best way to attach the bike's output shaft to the car's input?

JC - 26/1/20 at 04:36 AM

The second version Pell Genesis, arguably the first of the BEC, used a chain driven gearbox albeit in mid-engined configuration. They kept one motion shaft in the box plus reverse so that it had high and low ratio. It might be worth seeing how they did it - I have an old magazine somewhere, Iíll check if thereís any info there.

Some cars have chain driven a mini diff to go reverse like that though.

SJ - 26/1/20 at 07:47 AM

The only one I've seen like that is the BMW boxer conversion for a 2CV, but I think they BMW gearbox isn't used in that example