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Midtec Spyder Licences, Jigs & Moulds
Chas.S - 12/3/15 at 01:34 PM

Does anyone know who currently holds the licences, Jigs & Moulds for the Spyder?

I have been in touch with Stuart Taylor Ltd, but they passed everything on years ago, & have no idea who to or where.

I suppose nobody overseas is still offering anything.

Wibbler - 13/3/15 at 11:15 AM

I've heard that they went to Brass (Bottle?) Buggies in America (although that might just be an international spin-off). I found the build manual on an archive of their website recently so they definitely had some connection.

Trev Borg - 13/3/15 at 12:54 PM

I have a set of side window frames that I won't be using, and a complete car that gathering dust if you want to get any bits moulded from it.

I am in the slow process of modding the back end of my road car as I don't like the look of the bulbas ass.

Going to chop out the rear wheel well and fashion a rounded fibreglass piece across from both rear arches.

The engine cover is getting some work too.

Trev Borg - 13/3/15 at 01:01 PM

getting some shapes sorted first

Volvorsport - 13/3/15 at 06:41 PM

The new shape has the wheel well filled in.....i wonder where that is