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Prop shaft
Johnmor - 28/9/20 at 11:57 AM

Hi All

Got a price for a HD prop shaft to mate LT77 RWD to Ford LSD -300, (Baileymorris)

Is that expensive??

Last time i did this i was around 180 but that was 10 years ago



steve m - 28/9/20 at 12:19 PM

I paid 220 for a custom built propshaft from my local motor factors (3-4 years ago)

wonderfulweasel - 28/9/20 at 12:48 PM

I got one made up earlier this year, type 9 to Ford LSD.
It was about 250 from a local prop specialist.

Johnmor - 28/9/20 at 02:28 PM

Thanks for the replys

300 seems ok i suppose given its rated to 250 Hp and has 2 ujs

ill get on it this week


pmc_3 - 28/9/20 at 08:21 PM

It would be worth getting a price from these guys, they make a lot of kit car ones and are competitively priced