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Is 350lb springs to much for widetrack front end
furryeggs - 20/3/17 at 07:16 PM

I have everything on the car now other than nose cone and bonnet and its sat on the ground, I have 40mm wider wishbones on the front with 350lb springs. everything reated and settled ok. The springs are right at the bottom of the shock so i can't lower the front any further but can raise it. Will 300lb springs allow it to sit a little lower and give me more adjustment.

Tiger Avon
2.0 Zetec

Nickp - 20/3/17 at 08:01 PM

Sounds like you just need shorter springs.

sam919 - 20/3/17 at 10:58 PM

If you could post a photo. Generally with a longer wishbone you have stiffer springs.

laptoprob - 21/3/17 at 08:31 AM

i had the same wishbones as yourself and used the std shockers but re-used the std pick up points so nothing changed although i uprated to 400lbs fronts.

The problem you have in my opinion is that it sounds like you have tried to use a lower mounting point that's further towards the wheel than std?
If thats the case then the shocker wont be long enough!

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furryeggs - 21/3/17 at 12:37 PM

I got longer shocks aswell as wishbones.

laptoprob - 21/3/17 at 12:41 PM

Originally posted by furryeggs
I got longer shocks aswell as wishbones.

so when your spring is fully extended is there any thread left to take a longer spring if you had one??

johnemms - 21/3/17 at 02:33 PM

First - trawl all of Locostbuilders forums - research - etc....

Then take out the springs..
Lower car till sump almost touches the ground..
Now make and fit bump stops to dampers .. (I used skateboard wheels)..
Lower car without springs car should have safe sump clearance
Raise car fit and adjust springs/ride height..

I'm running soft 250lb front this year.. and playing with dampers from soft to firm..