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Help to find rare Ford drive shaft seals please
angus.d - 19/5/17 at 04:52 PM

Ferrari 330 P4 replica
Ferrari 330 P4 replica

Would really appreciate help to find a quantity of 2 Ford drive shaft seals for a mates friend in the USA who has got a replica Ferrari 330 P4 (hope pic is attached here)

The car was built by a guy called Neil Forman (NF Auto developments) but I no virtuality nothing else about it.

The seals required are Ford part number 1625935 (a.k.a. Corteco 07015467B)

These may well be Sierra or Granada not sure but seem to be very difficult to obtain. Tried a few online places no.luck.

Can anyone help please ?

Many thanks Angus.

owelly - 19/5/17 at 05:08 PM

Any dimensions?

gremlin1234 - 19/5/17 at 05:25 PM

this page
indicates Granada mkIII
sierra coswsorth
and scorpio mkII

is it

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myke pocock - 19/5/17 at 06:52 PM

If you look on the original seal it should have, I think, three numbers which are the bore, OD and thickness. Just contact a bearing/seal supplier and they should be able to match them. They dont have to be original equipment (eg: Ford etc) When I converted my Skoda trials car to BMW diff and drive shafts I gave them the sizes I needed and they matched the seals to those sizes.
Just as an aside as it may interest people, I had the gearbox sitting with the drive shafts pushed into place but it sat for months. Eventually when I got to finally fit the full drive shafts and move it the thin outer lip where it bears on the drive shaft had stuck to it and tore off. I went back for more seals and the supplier suggested I use two thinner seals and said that is what rally Minis used to use in the early days. Appears to be working OK.

angus.d - 19/5/17 at 07:31 PM


On Gremlin1234's post on the two burtonpower links, I believe the seals are like the part shown at the top of the images. Like a metal 'L' section ring with a rubber seal part on the ID.

I understand that the ID is 53mm and the OD is 68mm.

It's just these bits I need (not the bearings or nuts). These would need to be Equivalent to Ford part number 1625935 (Or Corteco part number 07015467B)
These are the part numbers which were given to me by the owner who is in the USA.

Cheers Angus

RedAvon - 19/5/17 at 09:13 PM

Like these?


rusty nuts - 20/5/17 at 12:54 AM

For future help I believe NF have a connection with Car Builders Solutions ?

angus.d - 20/5/17 at 05:41 AM


Here's a pic of what it would look like

Description below from Amazon where I can't get it from either

System Requirements
Dust Cover: with dust lip
Height 1 [mm]: 11.75
Height 2 [mm]: 16
Inner Diameter 1 [mm]: 53
Material: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
Outer Diameter 1 [mm]: 68

ReMan - 20/5/17 at 09:32 AM

this thread may be helpful

peter030371 - 20/5/17 at 09:49 AM

Originally posted by rusty nuts
For future help I believe NF have a connection with Car Builders Solutions ?

Matt Foreman at Car Builder Solutions used to work with his Dad at NF, his dad has long since retired but Matt should know all about the P4 as he built some of them. More stuff about it here

Angel Acevedo - 20/5/17 at 12:38 PM

Here in Mexico there's a joint tat will manufacture a short run of seals for not much money.
How they do it and how good is the quality I donŽt know.
But I remember using them a couple of years ago.
I am sure there must be someone in USA (or UK) that delivers the same service.
IŽll dig the info and see if I can get a quote.
No personal interest on this one.

Found it...
We ordered from them Lip Seals, AD 20 45 11
Minimum order was 10 Each, total price back in 2014 was $ 100 Mexican Pesos. (13 pesos per dollar back then) so, less than 10 US.
They told us that with a picture they could manufacture ANYTHING.
Hope this helps.
One more thing. This price was from the middle man, so, I would think that they were even cheaper.

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