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Driveshaft nightmare
J666AYP - 9/7/19 at 10:27 PM

Hi gents,

Just scratching my head on the rear end of the locost.

My original plan was to use the driveshafts out of the merc donor to keep things simple, however knocking up rear carriers is going to be a complete nightmare. My brainfart is to use sierra bolt on shafts (if they fit the diff flange) and make my life easier by using the proven sierra stuff.

I don't spose anyone would have a decent diagram with dimensions of a sierra shaft flange (diff end)??



MikeR - 12/7/19 at 08:46 PM

I think seventh heaven web site has details on the diff.

J666AYP - 12/7/19 at 08:50 PM

Thanks mate, will take a look.