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Rear uprights and front top wishbones
viceface - 21/8/19 at 10:48 AM

Morning All,

Need some help,

The car is a luego velocity XT.

I would like to change the rear uprights, for better designed ones.
Does anyone know of any off the shelf items that fit or can provide me with a drawing to which i can ulter to suit my car.

Ive spoken to MK, they are not sure if the MK indy uprights would fit and dont have any to hand to give any dimensions, if anybody happens to have dimensions it would be greatly appreciated.

The next issue i have is finding a suitable top which bone.
The car is currently widetrack with sierra uprights, i want to change these to cortina uprights. Obviously when i came to fitting the cortina uprights, the top wishbone is too short.
Again does anyone have a suitable drawing so i can fabricate my own.
The wishbone would need to be a U shape rather than V to clear the coilover.

Thanks in advance.

motorcycle_mayhem - 23/8/19 at 07:57 PM

How about a pair of Westfield alloy uprights? My spare 'spare' pair from the Westfield racing paddock panic box (no longer racing..).

I have no idea how the dimensions compare to that which you have, or how much work would be required to persuade them to fit (new wishbones, pickup relocation, etc.). However, they're possibly an alternative to the heavy steel fabricated things.

I do have Ford CVs and driveflanges that fit these, but no brakes, driveshafts or anything that heads inboard.

welshiejon - 25/9/19 at 08:53 PM

These are just what I am looking for , How much do you want for them?
I snapped one at Doune hillclimb last week

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