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Caster Adjust on Sierra Roadster
Joshy - 16/2/20 at 06:12 PM

Hi all,

As per the title, I have a Haynes Roadster built to the Sierra spec and I want to re-design the front suspension to feature caster adjustment. I've come up with a few options but am unsure which route to take:

1- Increase width of chassis brackets and use spacers to offset the top/bottom wishbones
2- Re-design upper wishbones as two separate members, linked by 3 rod-ends. Retain transit drag-link to top of the upright mushroom adaptor
3- Re-design upper wishbone as above, but replace drag-link with a 4th rod-end
4- Something else that I haven't thought of yet!

Any comments/thoughts/suggestions welcome!


SJ - 16/2/20 at 06:56 PM

I put rod ends into my upper wishbones at the chassis end. Because the rod ends are much narrower than the bushes it gave me quite a bit of movement front to back enabling me to give more castor. The gap was filled with washers. A proper machined spacer would have been better but never got round to doing it.

It works well and hasn't given any problems like this in several years. I guess the rod ends well eventually get knackered though.

Getting to about 6-7 degrees of castor does make the steering better.

mikeb - 17/2/20 at 01:21 PM

Have you got any pictures of the rod end modification. Did you have to remake the wishbones or find rod ends that fitted the existing ones?
I'd like to do this mod to so any link to parts would be great.



SJ - 17/2/20 at 03:46 PM

I can take some pics. Basically I chopped the end of the wishbone, and welded in a threaded boss to take the rod end.

mikeb - 17/2/20 at 03:49 PM

A couple of pictures would be great, did you machine your own inserts?

SJ - 18/2/20 at 10:14 PM

No, I bought them with the rod ends. I'll take a couple of pics tomorrow.

SJ - 19/2/20 at 05:45 PM

Couple of pics as promised

Can't seem to upload anymore but the links should work.

fregis - 20/2/20 at 06:32 AM

on one locost i just make elongated holes for top wish born at frame, that allows move 2 deg more caster
for easier adjustment can use bolt like this

Also tried make wishbone from metal sheet with elongated hole - to heavy, i don't like them now, but lazy to remake