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mazda mx5 donor uprights and CV joint separation
Slimy38 - 22/9/20 at 08:49 AM

I felt it was time that I did what was required of me. Up until now I had worked with the uprights and driveshafts being one single piece, it's been ok during build but I think it's now time to replace the bearings and CV joints.

The nut was the first task, a few hours with a powerfile managed to get that off (breaker bar and scaffold pole wasn't even getting close). Now I need to press the joint out. I have been reading that it's either a case of a 'quick tap' and they come apart, or they need 20+ tons of pressure to open. Mine seem to be in the latter camp unfortunately.

Considering I'm replacing the CV joint and the bearing, is there a way of being a little more destructive than normal? For example, I was thinking about some way of getting to the bearing circlip to release it, then press everything out at once. The last wheel bearing I did (on another car) just disintegrated under pressure, apart from the need to remove the outer race from the hub it actually worked quite well.

Is this possible or am I heading for trouble? I'm guessing the stub axle is hardened in some way.

britishtrident - 22/9/20 at 09:27 PM

Do I understand you want to pull the drive flange off the CV joint --- japanese cars are usually difficult it ends up needing real heat and a large press type puller as they use permanent grade "Loctite"

To pull the shaft out from the cv joint is usually easy but there is a reltively cheap puller for that job.

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Slimy38 - 22/9/20 at 09:46 PM

I just want to remove the driveshaft from the upright. Probably the easiest way to describe it is to say I'm using one of these;

Bolted to the wheel studs.... unfortunately 30 years of UK weather have turned the hub and the splined shaft into one piece of metal.

britishtrident - 23/9/20 at 11:31 AM

On a Japanese car you will struggle with that tool. Generally because of the vibration screw type pullers work a lot better with an impact wrench than a long breaker bar.